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When can I enroll?

Open season - Eligible employees and annuitants can enroll in the United Concordia FEDVIP during the annual open enrollment season. Open season for the 2014 benefit year is held from November 11 through December 9, 2013.

Initial enrollment – An individual can enroll within 60 days after he/she first becomes eligible as: a new employee; a previously ineligible employee who transferred to a covered position; a survivor annuitant if not already covered under FEDVIP; and within 60 days of a return to service following a break in service of at least 31 days.

Initial enrollments are effective the first day of the pay period following the one in which the BENEFEDS Portal receives and confirms your enrollment.

How To Enroll

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Go to www.BENEFEDS.com.
After you've registered to use the online dental insurance enrollment process, follow these easy steps.
Choose United Concordia in Step 1.
Include other dental coverage information in Step 2, if applicable.
Enter your eligible dependents in Step 3, if applicable.
Complete the remaining steps.

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Learn More About Our Plan
Enroll Now
Go to www.benefeds.com to Enroll Now
Go to www.opm.gov
If you are new to United Concordia FEDVIP, call 1-877-GET-UCCI (1-877-438-8224) for assistance specifically dedicated to your new questions. If you are currently enrolled in United Concordia FEDVIP, call 1-877-FYI-UCCI (1-877-394-8224).


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