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Understanding Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits (COB) refers to a provision in an insurance contract that applies when a person is covered by more than one insurance program. The provision requires that all insurance programs coordinate with each other in paying benefits to eliminate duplication or overpayment. The insurance program that pays benefits first is considered “primary” and the next insurance program to pay is considered “secondary.”

Under the FEDVIP, if you have a FEHB medical insurance plan that includes dental coverage, the medical carrier is considered the primary insurer and the FEDVIP plan is secondary. And although the dental benefits offered by the FEHB medical carrier may not be as extensive as those offered by the FEDVIP, the FEHB medical plan is still considered the first payer under the FEDVIP Coordination of Benefits provision.

To help eliminate confusion and possible delays in payment and service, it is important that you let your dentist know if you have other dental insurance.

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