Oral Wellness

Research continues to show a relationship between oral and systemic (body) connections. These findings are changing the way dentists, physicians and patients view oral health and treat oral conditions as oral infections  and periodontal gum disease can contribute to health problems such as certain chronic and medical conditions.

Patients, as well as their health/dental care providers, are becoming more aware that oral infections and gum disease, even though they may seem minor, can trigger changes in other areas of the body that could result in severe illnesses and infections.That is why United Concordia Dental developed Smile for Health®- Wellness.

Smile For Health® - Wellness is a simple addition to your dental plan that provides coverage for periodontal disease treatment and maintenance for people with chronic conditions and/or who are pregnant. With Smile for Health® - Wellness, the financial obstacles to total oral care are removed by providing members improved benefits for them to receive the services needed to properly treat gum disease.

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