Federal Dental Plan Benefits

United Concordia’s federal dental plan offers the dental coverage you need for the best dental health possible for you and your family. Learn more about the United Concordia federal dental plan below.

2020 Plan highlights:

  • Unlimited Annual Maximum
  • No Waiting Periods* New
  • No Deductible
  • Affordable Rates
  • $3,000 Orthodontic Lifetime Maximum
  • College Tuition Benefit® Reward ProgramNew!
  • Smile for Health®– Wellness - enhanced benefits for people with certain chronic and medical conditions
  • Free diagnostic and Preventive Dental Care-in-Network (routine cleanings and exams)
  • Intermediate and Major Services (fillings and crowns), With No Waiting Periods (frequency limitations may apply)
  • Dental Accident Services
  • Orthodontics for Adults and Children
           *See FEDVIP brochure for details



2020 Plan Year - Covered Dental ServicesUnited Concordia Dental Pays 2
Plan Design 1In-NetworkOut-of-Network
Basic Services - Class A    
Exams 100% 80%
X-rays 100% 80%
Cleanings 100% 80%
Flouride Treatments 100% 80%
Sealants 100% 80%
Space Maintainers 100% 80%
Dental Accident Services 100% 100%
Intermediate Services - Class B    
Minor Restorative Services - (Fillings, Stainless Steel Crowns through age 14) 80% 60%
Nonsurgical Endodontic Services - (Pulpal Therapy) 80% 60%
Nonsurgical Periodontal Services - (Periodontal Scaling, Root Planing, Periodontal Maintenance) 80% 60%
Prosthodontic Services - (Denture repair) 80% 60%
Oral Surgery 80% 60%
Major Services - Class C    
Major Restorative Services - (Crowns, Inlays, Onlays, Posts, Cores, Single Implant Crowns) 50% 40%
Surgical Endodontic Services - (Root Canals, Apicoectomies) 50% 40%
Periodontal Surgery - (Gingivectomies, Osseous Surgery) 50% 40%
Prosthodontic Services - (Dentures, Bridges) 50% 40%
Orthodontic Services - Class D 3    
Diagnostic, Limited, Interceptive, Comprehensive, Retention Treatments 50% (for adults and children) 50% (for adults and children)
General Services    
General Anesthesia 80% 60%
Annual Program Maximum (per person) Unlimited Annual Maximum! Unlimited Annual Maximum!
Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum (per person) $3,000 $3,000
Dental Accident Lifetime Maximum (per person) $2,000 $2,000
Smile for Health®-Wellness Benefits for members with an eligible chronic condition    
Periodontal Maintenance: one additional periodontal maintenance visit per year 100% 100%
Scaling and Root Planing 100% 100%
Periodontal Surgery 100% 100%


1. Please review the United Concordia FEDVIP Brochure for a full explanation of plan benefits including exclusions and limitations. You can access it at www.uccifedvip.com.

2. Percentages applied to lesser of United Concordia's negotiated fees (maximum allowable charges or MAC) and dentist's average charge. As out-of-network dentists do not agree to accept our MAC, they may bill you the difference between our MAC and their regular fees.

3. 12-month waiting period for Class D services. Waiting period may be waived by submitting proof of orthodontic coverage in 2018.

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